Jennifer Stroud

My Journey with Wellness
since the year 2000


Qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy

Swedish Massage


Indian Head Massage

Raindrop & Vitaflex Technique

Anatomy & Physiology

Reiki Master

Therapy has been a lovely compliment to my work with art, especially whilst teaching children.

  • Essential Oils & Nutrition – I am much healthier and balanced than I was before I set out on my wellness journey. I make conscious decisions about food and lifestyle and have been vegetarian for almost 30 years. For the past 12 years I have become more involved and informed with the use of essential oils and nutritional supplements to support my emotional wellness, as well as physical. Alongside this I exercise regularly, I practice Yoga and Pilates, I go to Gym Classes, Swim and Walk my Dogs. I feel centred and balanced and seldom seek the help of a Western Doctor. I listen to my body, I meditate and heal with Reiki Energy, above all I am kind to myself!
  • At my core is Art & Design – I’m the creative sort! I have an Honours Degree in Interior Architecture and studied Textile Design, Graphic Design and Photography. I went on to work in Interior Design, Set Design, Video Work and Teaching. I am always really happy and feel inspired when I’m being creative and that can be art, design, writing and cooking.
  • Complementary Therapy – I facilitate workshops and Reiki Courses. I previously had my own Therapy Centre in Mijas Pueblo, Spain offering a wide range of therapies, beauty and retailing natural products. On return to the UK I have set up a Clinical and Holistic Practice.
  • Teaching – I have taught all age levels and abilities from Primary, Secondary, Further Education, Community Education and Special Education. Subjects covered have been Art & Design, Media, Drama, Co-teaching Cookery, Sex Education, Communications and Numeracy.
  • Digital Marketing – I began with writing content and ended up covering most aspects and managed a small team of content providers and a virtual team. I managed clients accounts and supported new business for the company.

Now I’m educating and marketing Wellness through educational workshops supported with essential oils and nutrition and Complementary Therapies. The business relates well to my background experience and suits my independent personality and work ethic. I am passionate and motivated with a real will to succeed and build a great team of like-minded individuals.

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