Emotional Healing

Are you denying your own Emotional Healing and Release? You aren’t alone, this is a subject and form of healing not widely accepted or accessed. It is a shame, as it is amazingly powerful for moving forward in life. You can have the courage, confidence and strength you desire. You can access Emotional Healing to release blockages, trauma and unpleasant memories.

Healing is 80% Emotional

Physical and emotional healing is the result of your energy centres harmonic balance. With this balance the energy is able to flow more freely and efficiently throughout the body. Did you know that eighty per cent of what you are feeling physically is the result of emotional imbalances?  You have buried or suppressed these feelings. The result of this is the manifestation of illness and general dis-ease of the body.

Positive, Mental Attitude

Emotional Healing and Release can help you manage your levels of stress and frustration.  A positive, mental attitude might be what you think you need, or believe others have. Trying to achieve this can result with you feeling like you are failing at life. Whilst healing is taking place you will heal with a positive attitude. To have a positive, mental attitude is an important part of the healing process. It is helpful on both a physical and emotional level, as it is happening. Our minds are looking to be at peace and find stillness on a daily basis. You need to stop feeling the need for a constant positive, mental attitude. Life is full of uncertainty, this is normal, by accepting this you become more grounded and stronger. Being positive will happen more frequently as you are able to deal with life emotionally.

Letting Go!

Emotional Healing is a lot about FORGIVENESS, releasing negative memories has a powerfully emotional effect.  Healing helps to raise our own frequency to a level where we are compelled to FORGIVE, FORGET and LET GO! Our energy field and or our body can draw out negative thought patterns, deep blocks and traumas. If you can’t  talk about a situation without feeling the hurt and pain emotionally then you are not ready to let it go and have to work on the harmonious flow throughout your body. Mindfulness is very prevalent right now and you may already be accessing lifestyle choices to be more PRESENT in life. If you are more present you are ready to go forward and progress with your life and address emotional upsets without regrets. Choosing to live in the past you will be overwhelmingly filled with regrets.

Time to Release

Your journey up to this point will amount in a much needed RELEASE of emotion. You can actually stimulate a sense of Harmony and Balance with your Mind and Body with this release. Emotional Healing is about well-being it is mood elevating and you release the burden of Anger and Memory Trauma. Not all emotion you release may be the result of your own life experiences, you may be carrying the burdens of past generations. Locked in your soul, the limbic part of your brain, your liver, your cells…our DNA is imprinted with past traumas. The Human Body is made up of 100 TRILLION CELLS, this is a lot of opportunity for negative emotion and trauma to attach itself to. If they are your own traumas you will realize this with the healing sessions. It comes back to your feelings you thought you dealt with were, the ones you actually brushed aside. These feelings below the surface go a little deeper and then deeper still, until you have archived them. Your mind, body and soul are listening. On a conscious level you might not even be aware of the existence of your feelings. On a sub-conscious level your mind and body are aware. Physical and emotional upsets which you can’t quite figure out are still there, stored. Think of the experience as a document you created, you saved it and then added it to a folder. This folder is part of your personal drive, all the time there are route paths to access it. Remember those 100 Trillion cells, each one can store 6 Gigabytes of memory!

Your Inner Child is Calling

When you reach the stage when you can let go and talk about your feelings and emotions without being upset you have successfully let go. Now you have to address your own INNER CHILD. Connecting your authentic self with the harmonious flow of energy and light in your body. You have accepted your life as it is this emotional release. This is a Spiritual lesson for you, you have made resolve. You have given FREEDOM to the memory without any stored negativity. You can move forward with more peace and happiness. The general positive feelings will make you far more productive in your life. Stop denying yourself your thoughts and feelings, speak your own truth and don’t be driven by fear.

“An emotional issue resolved is a spiritual lesson learned.”

~David Stewart~

Your Healing Session Explained:

  • Full Emotional Release Healing
  1. Balancing & Opening
  2. Clearing & Releasing
  3. Grounding & Reprogramming
  • Reiki Healing Attunement
Opening the Aura, removing negative energies (which can empower your goals) and align with your Heart.
  • Aura Clearing, aka Psychic Surgery (a powerful Reiki technique only accessible from Masters and Advanced Levels*).
  • Chakra Balance
Reiki Energy Healing assists in the overall balance of your Chakra System. Performing a balance will work from your Root to your Crown or vice versus, depending on your needs.
  • Therapeutic Essential Oils
Essential Oils are small enough to pass the blood brain barrier, here they can help release emotional trauma and memories. Remarkably, Essential Oils are able to pass though the lipid surface of your cells. Just like little miracle workers they assist to CLEAN, ERASE and RESTORE your correct DNA. Session £60  * Blockages in the aura or chakras can cause physical or emotional diseases. Reiki Psychic Surgery is an effective way of removing blockages. Healing the body and mind of the client is more effective. Have you heard of Psychic Surgery, or received this form of healing?  I work with Young Living Essential Oils, have you heard of them, or tried them? If you are ready to explore Emotional Healing and Release further, Energy Healing with Reiki or Essential Oils then let’s connect!