What Is Waking You Up At Night? Checking The Clock

If you listen to your body you might just realise the answers as to ‘What Is Waking You Up At Night? Checking The Clock’, Be honest with yourself and pay attention to the hours that you are waking up. Ask yourself, is it your emotions that are breaking your sleep and waking you up at night? The Chinese Meridian Clock may hold some answers for you.

Eight Hours Sleep

How many hours sleep do you get a night? Everyone would love a straight eight unbroken hours, right? Is your sleep broken, or unbroken? These are my favourite and probably most important questions that I would ask you as my client. I like to know when you feel the most energized and most lethargic throughout the day. (I will look at daytime in a later post). Another favourite question is what has brought you the most happiness and sadness in life? I can start to connect what is happening and relate this more completely in mind and body. These questions will help with what is waking you up at night, checking the clock holds many answers.

In The East The Chinese Use The Meridian Clock

You can gather a lot of insight based on these simple questions and if you follow the Chinese Meridian Clock it makes a lot of sense. The body works two pairs of meridians, every two hours, over the 24 hour period. One meridian is active and the other is resting.

What Is Waking You Up At Night? Checking The Clock

Sleep is vital and for many the hardest thing to achieve.

In The West We Use Circadian Rhythms

In Western Medicine the term ‘Circadian Rhythms’ is used and has an influence on your sleeping and waking cycles. Alongside this your hormones, body temperature and body functions are influenced.

Chinese Medicine has given us so much ancient findings, charts and guides to follow this. Start paying attention to the hours you are waking in the night and what it actually means to you personally. Gathering this evidence, so to speak you will be closer to finding out what is waking you up at night? Checking the clock is not the one on your bedside table, it is the Chinese Meridian Clock.

So much studies and research is being done to prove the Chinese Meridian Clock in respect to the Circadian Rhythms. Organs and cells are being studied independently to look at the emotional relationship.

There are so many things at play that influence your life in waking hours and whilst asleep you subconsciously try to work it out. You might think you have dealt with a situation in waking hours and had a resolve. However, this can be what is disturbing your sleep. Your emotions can run even deeper than this. You may have buried your emotions deep down into storage, without even realising it. Maybe, you push them aside and think you can deal with them later? Your sleep and ultimately physical and mental health as well are being affected. It is worth taking note of your own imbalances and set about your path of healing them.

I get we can simply have physical issues that disrupt sleep; here we are looking at the hidden reasons, the emotional reasons.

Live Your Passion – Get To Bed Before 11pm

Firstly, make sure you are getting to bed early enough. Aim to be in bed before 11pm. Why? After 11pm the GALLBLADDER is doing its job and the emotional link of the Gallbladder is your SELF ESTEEM. Physically this organ excretes and stores bile, vital for the digesting of fats.  If you don’t give it time to rest you will deplete your energy store. With energy depleted you are not going to make a good job of concentrating in the daytime. Resulting in some poor decision making. This is also the time the body is working on joint and tendon repair.

Optimal bedtime is between 9pm-11pm. The Summer months allow you to stretch bedtime to the later end.

The Triple Heater

This is homeostasis, bringing your body into balance and your Enzymes are replenished to help energize you for the following day.

Just to be clear what the Triple Heater is, it is made up of three parts –

Upper – Chest Cavity, the Heart & Lungs Meridian Channels

Middle  – Abdomen, the Stomach, Spleen, Liver & Gallbladder, Meridian Channels

This is when the Liver starts to store and cool the blood down.

Lower – Pelvic Area – the Bladder, Kidneys, Small Intestines & Large Intestines Meridian Channels

Are You Angry or Frustrated?

The Gallbladder needs to be able to release bile smoothly and effectively and relies on the Liver Qi (Energy) to do this. So what does the Liver tell us if you are waking between 1am-3pm? It can be a sign you are storing ANGER, RESENTMENT or FRUSTRATION. Your LIVER and GALLBLADDER are associated with the emotion of Anger in Chinese Medicine.

Learn how to release anger, you absolutely cannot hold on to it. By suppressing anger you will create imbalances. Physical symptoms appear and show up as a headache/migraine, skin breakout, uncontrollable anger outbursts amongst many more. And a build up of stress, or periods of stress impair the function of these organs as well. Over time stress will cause disease in your body.

Don’t forget what you are putting into your body as well; think about the amount of fatty foods, sugars and alcohol that these organs have to deal with. If hot, spicy food causes you some discomfort it is best to stay away from these types of food. What goes into your body can also be what is waking you up at night. Checking the clock again, don’t make your last meal a late one or a heavy one!

Letting Go & Being Happy

Waking between 3am-5am is when the LUNGS are actively at work; your body has its own daily, natural detox. Qi Energy is moving around the body, the flow helped by the lungs. If you can relate to waking in these hours are you affected by GRIEF/SORROW? Having a Lung imbalance can lower the immune system drastically. When this happens you might have a run of illness. Consider this when you find you are wheezing, coughing or have asthma.

Again, the story is to let it go, don’t bury down and repress your emotions. Emotion is nature, you are nature. It is not wrong to experiences these emotions.

Think of an imbalance as a suppressed emotion. This suppressed emotion can cause a symptom or a symptom in turn can cause a suppressed emotion. I will look at how to Bring Balance To Emotions. I work with the amazing frequencies of essential oils and address the chemistry and physics of them.

If you don’t let go of past memories, people, situations that caused you grief you can be pulled into Depression. The key message is to Live In The Present, simply Be Present.

The Early Bird!

What time do you have to get up in the morning? Not many of us are awake between 5-7am and this is the perfect time to empty your bowels. We said we have to ‘Let Go’, well the LARGE INTESTINE is all about letting go, physically and emotionally.

If you have an imbalance you could well be constipated and in life this can is feeling ‘stuck’ as well. The emotions for the Large Intestine are the same as for the Lungs; it is the Yang to the Liver’s Yin.

We are designed to be up for sun up, if not the body builds up heat problems and associated with this would be headaches; pain and any kind of inflammatory condition such as arthritis.

If you find you wake up and go back to sleep the body will send surges to keep waking you to encourage you to get up. If you don’t get up this is when it accumulates the heat. So, what is waking you up at night, shouldn’t stop what is waking you up in the morning.

Follow the well known proverb

‘Early to be and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealth and wise.’

What Is Waking You Up At Night? Checking The Clock

*Coming Up Next Week – Bring Balance To Emotions