Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?

I was thinking the other day about ‘Knowing Your Truth?’ When you analyze yourself on this level and reveal to yourself the positives and negatives, your own beliefs and fears, then you can unravel the pieces and follow your dreams. A big question you need to ask is, ‘Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?’

What is Fear?

I’ve heard FEAR described as False – Evidence – Appearing – As Real. I would take this to be fear in the sense your thoughts are real, but most likely the scenario is not. It’s self sabotage, blocking you to take control and move forward. Do you think having success would make you feel over exposed? Would you feel unworthy of it, an imposter? The mind has a lot of chatter at times and your ego likes to have its say!

Which would you choose?

Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?

Sharing Your Authentic Self

If it is fear sabotaging your success, then look at ways to either address those demons, or accept they aren’t real to start with. Your choice and both examples will work.  You are human after all and with this come a whole lot of emotions that you need to learn to control and or use to your advantage. It’s not shameful to express emotion; it is how you deal with your emotions on an everyday basis which makes you overcome these imbalances. A balanced mind and body is a recipe for success. Absolutely everyone has to work on their mindset every day. You can be reassured the top entrepreneurs practice every day. Find ways that work for you:

Top Growth & Mindset Tips

  1. Plan your day
  2. Meditate – increase positivity and let go of negative emotion
  3. Start the day with a positive affirmation and carry it throughout the day
  4. Focus on the present
  5. Get up early, go to bed early
  6. Have a Digital Detox for a period of time everyday and then try longer periods
  7. Practice Yoga
  8. Dream – Make a vision board, visualisation is powerful
  9. Believe in Yourself
  10. Overcome weakness, learn new skills and achieve them at your own pace
  11. Forget the negative self talk
  12. Be Grateful – you will resonate on the frequency of love
  13. Share – Be a giver
  14. Get a Mentor/Coach
  15. Breathe – Let go

The Power of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are going to be your great ideas, which in turn will develop your biggest plans into your reality. That might sound fanciful; it might even sound ridiculous to others. You do have to come from this mindset though a bit like starting from the end and backtracking to the beginning.

Can everyone achieve this? Do you procrastinate or lose focus and motivation. How often do you finish projects or activities you started? Can you handle your own fears?

Our fears are our own entrapment and they hold us back from revealing ourselves, our powerful, amazing selves. Is fear sabotaging your success?

Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?

Shine Your Light

Don’t be a slave to fear, each of us has so much to share and I decided a long time ago to #hashtag myself #ShineYourLight.

When we shine we radiate our inner light and it radiates and empowers others to feel this light, they accept it and allow themselves to shine as well. It’s like the ripple effect.

No Limits

When can we decide if the thoughts are our own, I mean really our own and not fed to us by media and a belief system?  Your thoughts are not those of your family and friends either.

Don’t put limits on what you can achieve, you are allowed to give yourself the permission to move out of your comfort zone. Change is good and you won’t change with fear chasing or crushing you. So many people appear to settle for what they have. You might think this harsh and a criticism, but I have observed there is always more they would like. This might sound materialistic, in a sense, yes!

However, if you happened to have huge financial success you are in the position to help so many other people, think about that. To receive wealth, need not be greed! You Grow as you Give. So, again, is fear sabotaging your success?

Vibrate a Positive Powerful Energy

From Love and Fear we vibrate powerful energy. We have to know both to understand both.

Fear doesn’t isolate itself as this emotion; fear although it vibrates at a low frequency, it is a powerful frequency nonetheless. You may experience a whole load of other emotions such as anger and resentment, when coming from a place of fear. These emotions were highlighted in the blog What Is Waking You Up At Night? Clock Watching. A quick recap, Anger and Resentment are emotions attached to the Liver and Gallbladder. So FEAR itself can be another reason you wake in the night. I see a connection here, waking up from a nightmare as a child with complete fear and as an adult waking with this fear may appear as panic, anger and or resentment.

When you see others reach a place of SUCCESS, don’t be RESENTFUL. Success is available to everyone; how you measure it is up to you. You were not born to this World to live in fear. Don’t be the one waking up in the night zapping and depleting your mind and body. You want to wake in the morning full of energy and focus and know SUCCESS is on its way!

Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?

You Were Born For Success!